Belly Dance syllabus Available

We provide a graded belly dance syllabus consisting of Foundation, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

The syllabus was originally designed in 2005 as a Belly Dance teacher training tool provided by the Belly Dance Association of South Africa (BDASA). It was later adopted in the formation of the South African Dance Teachers Association (SADTA) Belly Dance Division.

With these entities now closed, the syllabus is available for purchase in written format without any affiliation. It no longer requires official examination. It can be used as a teaching tool or be taught progressively as set out.

The syllabus is sold as a unit (including all four levels) at a cost of R3,600.00.

For more information or support in terms of queries, interpretation issues, or non-official evaluation, please contact Anne Knowles via email (theknowles AT